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Forty Six

Thinking of you beautiful boy. That smile is awesome.


Hello my angel, I am thinking of you and Clyde today as you remember your precious Ross with love and sadness xxxx Lin xxx
Hello Auntie, thinking of you and Clyde today, sending lots of love xxxx KP
Cuz we will always miss you...I still remember the times Kerry and I used to look after where the cutest baby now you are the most amazing angel, And I am sure you look apon us every dayxxxxxx
Thinking of you and Clyde on Ross's birthday and sending you lots of love.
Bee McGuire xx
Happy birthday to your Rossie, Goose. Holding you and Clyde close in my heart today.
Thinking of you today my special friend on this difficult day. I cannot believe your precious Ross would have been 24, am sure he is with you today as you celebrate the amazing young man that he was. Sending lots of love to you and Clyde.
xx Glynis Askew xx
still can't believe its goin on 7years on Saturday and you where turning 24 tomorrow..‪#‎R‬.A.V.D R.I.P Brother!
Andrew Masinga
We miss you brother!!
Happy Birthday my boy! Miss you so much! Really cant explain how much I wish you were here, so much love for you Ross! R.A.V.D for life! Happy birthday special angel! 1love Michael Ferguson
Rossie my china..
Happy birthday son..have a wonderful happy cruisy day.
We love and miss you so much..
Your everloving mom and dad
Happy, happy birthday my darling child.
I love you and miss you more every single day. I cant believe you would be 24 today.
I can only imagine the beautiful man you would be ............. Love Love Love you forever until we meet again.
Milishi xxxxxx
Happy Birthday Rossie!
So much to say my darling and so much has happened..... I miss you every day and still find this hard to cope with sometimes. It just does not seem fair that I had to lose you.
Hey, I've got to claim, I love your site. The colors, the format, the entire style, each of them move completely together. Anyhow, that's all I really needed to declare.
My darling, Dad and I got married again on 29th June .... I dont doubt you were totally aware of that and very happy. It was a truly special day and there was a glow about. There was of course a huge huge piece of us missing.... it was very hard when you were mentioned! You are encased in our hearts though and are never ever away.

Time is moving on and Auntie Coll came to you on 1 June...... I hope she has had some healing and is more rested now.

I still feel you close to me and hope that never changes. Do you know that Michael Ferguson is having a baby boy and they are calling him Ross...... you were so loved by boy.

Calem flew to Perth from Sydney for the wedding and was your representative. Also very special. I love you so so much and miss you terribly.

Keep flying high and stay forever young.

Mom xxxxxxx

My precious darling son, have not written for a while. Sometimes it is just too hard to come here cos then I remember all over again about the reality!

I wanted to share with you that Michael and his girlfriend Noele are having a baby boy in October and they are naming him ROSS. How amazing is that! A very special tribute to a truly incredible soul! You must be smiling now.

Life is hard without you but continues nontheless. I silently talk to you daily and hope that you are doing okay. I feel you close always and just know that our love is eternal...... I long to hug you though and hold you xxxx One day .......

Oscar is probably with you now.... you must be happy x He was so very ill towards the end.... Say hi to all the guys!

Love you my darling

Milishi xxxxx

hello my boy, think about you every day and miss you more than ever, just wanted to let you know that me and my girlfriend are having a baby boy and we are naming him Ross in honour of you, love you my brother, know that you are watching down on us from Gods kingdom. One love. Mike.F
Thinking of you, Ross, and your precious family who miss and love you so very much. This month is especially sore... Keeping all of you in my heart. Lots of love, Fiona.
Rossie, you are so missed and continue to touch the lives of so many of us. In our hearts forever!
Doug and Karen.
Yvonne Goschen
Rossie, the memories you blessed us with continues to make our lives so much more meaningful. You are so deeply missed my boy. Keep soaring, precious angel. All my love. RIP
Taken from us 6 yrs ago! Forever in our hearts Rossi! R.A.V.D <3. Kimberley Turnet
They say "time heals" but when it comes to a child that has left you at his prime I don't know? My thoughts and prayers are with u Dessie, Clyde and Ryan on this sad day. He is in our hearts and thoughts and Ross will always be forever young. We love u all and keeping his spirit alive is affirmation he is with us eternally! Tizi
my beloved son ,Ryan ,Ian and I played our traditional golf game on your birthday plus a your few beers toasting you and many laughs !!
Today I have reflected on all the wonderful days and nights we shared together and not easy ,, You are a China.take care up there .
I miss and think of you every minute of each day .
your ever loving Dad
A beautiful white light is going to you today. Please visualise a lovely organza shawl in pink white and lilac stripes wrapped around the family. The colours are for love purity and peace. With love and blessings from Gaynor xxxx
You and your wonderful boy are in my thoughts and prayers today. Lots of love. Yvonne
Michael Ferguson
6 years and we miss you more than ever.. Miss you my brother&#9829; One love R.A.V.D
It's been 6 years too long since I last felt your face, but I can still see it as clearly as if it were yesterday we sat around laughing about the good times not knowing they were to be the last times. It's not the same without you and I miss you more than words could say. RAVD you'll always be my four leaf clover...... Olivia le Roux
Miss and love you and your wonderful hugs so very much Rossi! You may be gone in body but i know for sure your spirit still lives! Ryan, Dessie and Clyde you will be in my thoughts today. Lots of love to the 3 of you. Xxxxx Melly
The most precious things are not all seen. They can be unseen as well ..... 6 long years my beautiful child
Andrew B-dub Masinga
Happy Birthday my boi!! R.A.V.D!!One love.. R.I.P
Olivia le Roux
There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss you &#9825; happy birthday Rossie my angel &#9825;
R A V D Happy birthday my bruda ,young at heart but yet a wise old soul that lives on and will never be forgotten. peace love and serenity. I know you smiling down on us. ONE LOVE, Stew
Happy birthday to an amazing soul and a best friend, I know everyday your light shines greater and greater, I feel your presence here with us all the time! 1love R.A.V.D&#9829; Michael Ferguson
Rossie..our beloved son. a happy birthday to you my china...we love and miss you so very much every living day..your everloving mom and
My Rossie, another birthday .. 23! Missing you so much but feel you close always. Love you forever. So many memories and thoughts in my head. Seems like yesterday you were here. Fly high sonshine. Xxx
Happy Birthday Rossie! 
Des, Clyde and Ryan you're in our thoughts and prayers at this sad time of the year. Tons of love to you all.
Michael Ferguson
Pretty crazy how the 8th of March is when I first fly into the sky- hope I see you on that day my boy, think about you everyday- R.A.V.D
Love you my boy.... that time is drawing near again .... :( Doesn't seem possible that the time has gone so quickly xx
My Darling child, another year has passed and soon it will be six long years since I touched you or saw your smile or hugged you.... time is fleeting by and the best part is that I can still feel you so close to me and I know that you are with me continually and eternally. The longing and love only deepens with time and I long to see you again and sometimes I wish i could turn back the hands of time <3 I love you so so so much Rossie and miss you terribly.
Des rossie had a huge impact on my life and so did you for that matter... i will always be around and not to far, sometimes maybe in the shadows but always close by.... Beans.
Hey Rossie, thinking of you today! You are always loved and remembered, but you know that :) Give my love to all your friends (so many). Big love to the family on this Christmas day 2012. Jake's mom. X
I love and miss you so so much xxx Mom
Hey Rossie. Just wanted to let you know how much we still love and miss you. I'm going to be a granny in January. Watch over them my boy. Miss and love you so much. You have taught me so much even though the road has been so hard to travel on. All my love, Yvonne
Interesting words by Cat Stevens

Oh very young
What will you leave us this time
You're only dancing on this earth for a short while And though your dreams may toss and turn you now They will vanish away like your daddy's best jeans Denim Blue fading up to the sky And though you want him to last forever You know he never will (You know he never will) And the patches make the goodbye harder still

Oh very young
What will you leave us this time
There'll never be a better chance to change your mind And if you want this world to see a better day Will you carry the words of love with you Will you ride the great white bird into heaven And though you want to last forever You know you never will (You know you never will) And the goodbye makes the journey harder still

Oh very young
What will you leave us this time
You're only dancing on this earth for a short while Oh very young What will you leave us this time

Hello my precious child, it has been a while since I have written. It is difficult to sometimes but I just want to let you know that I think about you every single day of my life and there is not a moment that goes by when I do not long for you and my heart aches for the loss.

I do feel you around constantly though, thank you and I guess that I have to just be content with that.

Wow, you have so many friends who are with you now, it is unbelievable. I so wish I knew what it is like for you all, especially when you first arrive and then when new people come ...... still searching.

I love you so much and want you to know that I am so grateful you chose me to be your mom in this lifetime. You taught me so much and are still my inspiration.

Mom xxxxx

Love you so much xxxxx
I wrote this in the early stages of losing you around May I think..... I was so desperate I had to write my feelings down. I found this the other day and want to share with you.

Are you happy?

Are you alright?

I find it so hard to live without you.

I try to tell myself only your physical form has gone but am I saying "only"?? ..... it is so so huge - the void is colossal. So many thoughts so many feelings I try and understand.

Grieve they say.... what is to grieve and for how long?

How does one deal with the loss of a son? A son who just turned 17 in the prime of his life - a short life fraught with challenges - always trying to understand why they came to you...

You were too good a soul for this earth. Beautiful - an old soul - I love you. Beautiful smile.... laughing eyes.... beautiful hair that you loved. How did it happen that we lost you so soon? and yet my deepest fear .... it always lurked under the surface. I believe I knew you would not stay long. How? Instinct of a mother? I question and dont have any answers yet I look for answers.

I need to meditate. I need to connect on a more spiritual level. I have so much work to do - I read - do I absorb ? I look at the clouds, the sky, the stars! I can go on looking. I have been so blessed and honoured that you chose me to be your mother. It was not easy but it was awesome to get through the obstacles with you. Unfortunately this was one I never overcame but you did - on your own - Help me Ross. Life carries such a lot of questions.

Could this be a lesson for us here on this earth? I read that the Buddhists believe when a young soul passes they then become our Masters who teach us of impermanence! How true. There are so many things you were wise about. There are so many things I relied on you for - I am not sure you knew that did you ? I cry - I feel helpless and lost. I want to come to you. Is it time son? What do you want me to do? Tell me please.

You are not gone. You cant be! This is not the end is it? You went before us because you were and are our teacher. I ask myself about your time spent here. I beat myself up about the conflicts but I was being a parent. I wanted to wrap you in cotton wool. Impossible I know. I bet you are laughing at me now. Is it going to get any better ? this gaping wound? I doubt it.

I need to touch you and kiss your soft cheeks and have one of those crushing bear hugs you gave me so willingly. Was I hard on you son ? Perhaps not? You were never one to be a conformist. Always different and unique. An Angel on earth. Looking for a path but never really finding it.

Please hear me out angel. I think of your frustrations with certain things. I remember how you wanted a bike. I remember thinking if I say yes I am going to regret it. I said no .... but lost the battle. You loved it .... your friends say it gave you such joy. Did it? when it worked that is?

You always said everything goes wrong for you? I tried to say otherwise but in the end I started realising perhaps you were right!

I am sorry for the times we were apart in your early days. Did that have an irreversible effect on you? On that innocent mind. I remember you said you felt like a piece of elastic - pulled from both sides .... I am so sorry son. Once again you were the teacher. Did you need more harmony in life?

It is so hard to see children your age - I cant even look at them. I see your friends - so hard at first and then finally sifted through the genuine ones you liked to be with. Cutting off the dead wood.

Mothers Day came and went. So wanted a moment to be with you. I put flowers at the cross.

The phone call that day was one I will never ever forget. I knew that it was something beyond my/our control. I have now felt and been through the worst I could possibly go through in my life. I cannot remember how I spent the next hours and days. So many flowers... so many people coming and going. Phone calls... all the time waiting for you to walk back into the house ... take away the very bad dream and harsh reality of what we were facing. So many lives changed forever by your loss... by your presence by your whole being ! By your total ability to love and give of yourself.

Do you know I have a tattoo on my lower back? It says BIGGS. I am sure you know and can see it. It wasnt even uncomfortable because I can feel no pain anymore of the physical kind. I only feel emotional pain. I feel pain for what should have been and what wont be... I also am blessed by many wonderful people who have rallied around to support and be kind. I have been given friends by you too my angel. You are so loved by so many people. What next? More books, more readings, many prayers.

Trying to understand.

Reliving that last week over and over. Monday to Wednesday night - the last time I saw you when you came to switch off my light and take my glasses off. Telling me you loved me and locking up like the big man you were becoming!

If I had woken you up that Thursday morning, 8th March, to say goodbye and talk to you would it have changed things at all? If I had phoned you at break at 10 o clock would it have turned out differently? Only God can help me and the angels to try and accept this that has been dealt us (me now). I am writing for me.

Thank you for my candle which to me depicts that very significant drawing you made in my diary. Thank you for my two feathers my darling. I hope you didnt suffer and your passing was quick. Do I pursue a case against the truck driver? He caused the accident? and do I pursue J Chelin? I am waiting for answers I am waiting and biding my time. People can be so unfeeling and callous but we must just let it go and learn from it to feed our souls...................

Love you for eternity ...... Milishi

Miss you very deeply from the depths of my soul... very painful. Love you, Mom xxxxxx
You will know, you will understand.
I am so proud of you.
In our realistic world, everthing is normal, in our idealistic world, you are on earth, in our whatever world, you are always here and thats what we cling to. Rossie, it has been a while, I miss mom and dad so much, wish you were on earth, know that you are here, wish it was the same, Love and miss you so much, Yvonne
Sonshine, been thinking about you and talking about you so much.... Missing you deeply xxxxxx
Ross, Des, Clyde, Ryan and thoughts are with you consolation is that when Ross and I chatted at my parking spot on the rugby field on the Saturday before, he was so relaxed, happy and at peace with himself........his eyes.....the window to one's soul..... said it the time I was almost taken aback by the tranquillity and happiness that Ross exuded....and to top it all...Ross was facing toward the setting sun and the sun shone onto, and highlighted, his beautiful, greeny-blue eyes (I always saw them as more green !) made a huge impression on me on that day...... I will never forget that moment.....Thank you Ross for that moment...and thank you Ross for being a most special part of Jared, Kaylee, and my life......Gail. And thank you Des and Clyde.
Missing you so much precious boy xxxx Patty and I are going to see Dad next week..... I love you more every day xxx Mom xxx
Rat, how the years have gone by... You were an angel that was sent down, to touch everyone's lives around you and then taken back to protect you from everything here in this crazy world... "Good people pass away; the godly often die before their time. But no one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to understand that God is protecting them from the evil to come. For those who follow godly paths will rest in peace when they die." Isaiah 57:1 Missing you my bru, lots of love chicken xxx
Rossie's day remembered. Al Dryburgh.


Hey Des thinking of you all today. Cant believe how fast time has gone. Rossie will never be forgotten. Lots of love Calem


Today marks five long years since gorgeous ROSS ANTHONY VON DRESSELT, deeply loved and profoundly missed son of Clyde and Desiree, and younger brother to Ryan, went over the rainbow. Desiree, you have shown such grace and kindness of heart even through your own pain and sadness, always encouraging other newly-bereaved parents to continue on in hopewe are sure that Rossie smiles broadly and boasts to the others that you are his mom! You are in our thoughts and hearts today. With warm hugs…&#9829;

6 Mar 1990 8 Mar 2007

Taken from our moms Group "Who Am I Now"

Des, not a day passes that I don't think about you and Rossie and the painful void his crossing over has left. My thoughts and prayers are with you all, my friend.
Cap x
Well 5 long years tomorrow my angel ... feel so empty inside as I recall what we were doing five years ago this time.... I remember it so clearly... when you came to put my book down and take my glasses off as I had fallen asleep. I remember seeing you standing by the bed and you said "I love you mom" and then walked out..... I never saw you again after that..... I love you and miss you terribly xxx Mom
Happy Happy Birthday Rossie. Hope all you precious angel children are partying.
Hi Des, something I read and wanted to share with you at this time. "It's difficult to look beyond the sorrow. May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow". Author Unknown. Thinking of you so much this week. With Love Debby Sinclair-Steyn
Hello Des, sending all my love to you and your family this day my thoughts are with you, I dont have much to say except that Im so proud to have been friends with Rossie, he has taught me many life lessons love allways from Wes in New Zealand
Rossie touched a lot of lives an we're all very grateful to have him in ours. we love an miss him very much. my thoughts are with u Des xxx be strong With love Dean x
Hey Des much love on this day missin ur boi with all my heart.stay strong and knw he watching over us smiling,there was never a dull moment with rossie and im sure he would wnt us 2 celebrate this day in style!!one love Desi ..... Stew Gardner
On Your Birthday Rossie

Happy 22nd birthday
No cake or candles here today
Or presents for you to open

Just love from family and friends who want to say Happy Birthday, and that we're hoping Somehow you can see and know That you will never be forgotten That we still remember, even though You've departed and become an Angel in heaven And if you see us here below It's just because we want to show That a major part of you is still here You live within each memory's heart And so you remain, though we're apart All my love to you and family today, as always Des.

With love Glynnis Barkus

So much love to you today Des for today and the week ahead as you honour your Ross! You have been a wonderful ambassador for him. Love Les xx
Oh, Des…on the eve of your beautiful son’s birthday in Heaven what do I see but THREE rainbows at different times and places!!! Believe me—I could SEE and HEAR Jake and Ross laughing and having such fun… And talk about mischievous…! They thought it GREAT FUN to let off the party streamers early!!! It has lightened my heart. Our special boys—still the colour in our lives! Thinking of you with much love…&#9829;
Dearest Des, thinking of you and Clyde today. Even though I only knew Ross for a short time I hold so many precious memories of him. He was so special to Ian, he still talks about him all the time.

With love Bree

Happy 22nd Birthday, Rossie!!! My thoughts are with you, Clyde, Desiree and Ryan, on this day - a day which would normally be met with such joy and celebration. Always in my heart. Lots of love, Fiona.
I will be thinking about you tomorrow and for the rest of the week, I can only imagine how hard it is for you but know that you will pull through it with the help of your precious angel child Ross . I sometimes wonder why you had to suffer the loss of a child but God obviously had other plans for him and knew that he belonged with him, he was just given to you for a short time to fill your life with tons of love and life. God also knew that you would survive and help so many other people with your sanctuary and the other support groups that you have, you definitely are a survivor my friend.

I think of you so often and send so much love. Lots of Love Glynis xx

Hello Rossie.
Happy Birthday to you son.
Chipper and I are playing golf today and will have a few cold beers with and for you on your birthday , My China, a long year again but my thoughts of you are with me everyday ..I miss you so much.
Your ever loving Dad .
These anniversary days are so difficult sonshine xx I would so love to hug and hold you again... xx and hear that laugh xxx Mom xxx
Happy Birthday Rossie!
Hello lovely Ross, wish we knew what you did in the beautiful dimension you inhabit now. Sure you are helping us down here on earth - and heaven knows we can do with it! Shine on your mom and dad and brother and let them know you're near!
Happy happy 22nd birthday my precious angel child in heaven. Where has the time gone? Where have you gone? What does the future hold? Every single day I miss you and every single minute of the day I love and adore you. I hope you celebrate BIG with all your mates <3<3<3 Wish you were here .....xxxxxx Mom xxxxx
Love and miss you my boy, nearly that time of the year, seems like just yesterday you were with us, can't explain how much I miss you, I know your smiling down on us everyday, I can feel your presence with me all the time, Love you Rossie
Looking at your pics...beautiful boy. You are missed and always thought of. Jake's mom. X


Love you and miss you. So many things happening and so much to say .... my heart is broken but I am okay.... Please know how much I try hard every day...... you do know. xxxxxx Milishi xxxxxxx


Darling child, another year goes past.... memories live on, the longing stays the same and my love never dies...... the sadness lingers and is etched deep in my soul but I know we will be together again one day .... Love you..... Mom xxx
Rossie my boi another year past and it doesnt seem to get any better! missin you 2 much my boi wish thingz could been different need some of your energy in my life!! peace and love boi will chat soon g one love!! stew.


Rossie, hardly a day goes by that I don't think about you and your Mom and Ryan - Stay close to them Buddy!
Snowy and Oscar send love to you xxxx
I love you Rossie and miss you very very much. Lots of Love from your Vally xx
To Ross (Bush), Soar like an Eagle freely my precious nephew. Thinking of you this festive season..... Love your 'Auntie Coll'

.... Love you xxx

Missed you so much this Christmas.... Still very very vivid memories and the sound of your voice is as clear as if I spoke to you yesterday. Little idiosyncrasies and memories.... Love you forever and ever and ever..... Your mother xxxxx
Rossie, my china, Dad here, Happy Christmas my son, have a wicked day and I think of you every day ... I miss you so much cant tell you ..
Take care my boy,
Love and miss you so much.
Your ever loving dad.
Pops XX
Ah, Rossie...I visited his website again yesterday (didn't leave a message) but did read all the notices on the right hand side. I silently prayed that your gorgeous son takes special care with Jake tomorrow and sticks by his side and is his best buddy. Jake needs a good mate. I'm sure they'll have a great party.

The tears start again. For us both.




Morning my boy, I miss you so very much and I want to thank you so much for the messages and especially last Sunday at Sanctuary :) Wow that was incredible.

I went to dinner with Stew, Dean and Lester the other night ..... it was nice to be with them, but bittersweet. Stew misses you very much and after five years it is so wonderful to see that he still puts your picture on his phone and writes to you. Mike as well.

Chatted to Dad this morning on Skype. Going to see him in March with Patty. Looking forward to that.

The Angel Moms have their annual Christmas lunch today and we have to take photos and candles...... I am sure all you guys will be there smiling at us crazy women!

Stay cool and keep that incredible spirit strong always. Love you to heaven and back and I am so proud of you and miss you xxxxxx

Lots of love. X
My precious child, I have not been here for a while now. Sometimes I just cant. You have a lot of new friends arriving that side.... it is unbelievable. I am sure you have met Twiggy and Jake and Luke Norris. Tell them that their moms *that are so new to this terrible journey* miss them terribly but are hanging in. What else can we do hey.....

It is coming up for that time of the year again and this will be the fifth Christmas without you! It is still surreal that you are not actually on the earth. I still see you and hear your voice like you are overseas..... you are with me constantly and I love and adore you more than ever.

Life is pretty challenging down here but isnt that what it is all about....

Love you with every inch of my being and miss you forever my Rossie xxxxx Mom xxxx


Thinking of you Ross. Just thinking of you. You boys behave up there. :) Jake's mom. X
Hi beautiful Ross. I never got the pleasure to meet you, but through my son, Jake, who is in heaven with you now too, I've met your mom and your brother, Ryan. What a gorgeous woman your mom is - she speaks of you and you are alive. You must be so proud of your mom, just as your mom is of you! Take care up there. You are always on our minds and in our hearts. And please give Jake a high five from all of his friends down here. Fiona. X ps. My love and best wishes go to all your family and those who love you and continue to miss you every day.
Morning my angel boy, I miss you every day. Another boy arrived in heaven this weekend, Michael Livesey, run over in Chelsea Drive while on his skate board. Hope you guys help him adjust and take care of him. It seems like you guys are cooking up something over there, so many of you are leaving so soon.

Missing everything about you my gorgeous boy.... still does not seem real xxxxx Your mom xxxx
"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach…I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears of all my life! And, if God choose, I shall love thee better after death."~Elizabeth Barret Browning ..... Missing you every moment of my life my angel xxxx Mom xxxxx




Occasionally (very rarely) we dream of the dead as we never dream of ordinary people. True, they talk and look as when they were alive, but the dream is not about the past we shared with them: we dream of actually meeting them now, as though they were suddenly alive again and had come to see us. Perhaps they have assumed their former appearance only temporarily, to make it easier for us to recognise and to understand them.

Seeing them, we experience a joyful amazement, and in our sleep we choke with tears of happiness, realising it was all untrue – they are alive. We don’t in the least forget that the people we see are dead, but they seem to have appeared to us in defiance of death. We are terribly moved and rejoice (He/she hasn’t died!) and we long for nothing but to live with them and never to be parted from them again, and we promise them something, and plead, and settle – or try to settle – something with them. While they – though happy at this moment – are for some reason very quiet, not at all excited, and only try gently to calm us, as though they knew more than we did, and were stronger and more patient; they smile and not at our impassioned words.

And now the meeting is over, and they go away with as little fuss as possible, unwilling to upset us by goodbyes and farewells – they go, leaving us sunk in a deep, blessed, childlike sleep. And when we awake from it, our soul is quiet and peaceful, and the dream – unlike other, ordinary dreams – is safely stored away, rooted in our memory. We recall it as we would recall a real meeting. As though eternity had condescended, out of its good will to us, to send us a few members of its household on a visit. Complete with everything we knew about them, even to that shabby old coat! To comfort us, to keep us from forgetting, to give us courage until next time.

There is no doubt that there was something they managed to instil in us while we were asleep. This is why, on waking, we don’t upset and torture ourselves by vainly trying to follow and cling to their image. Only one thing makes us sad: we cant remember what it was exactly we settled and cleared up with them and whether indeed we could have cleared everything up?

(Andrey Sinyavsky …. UNGUARDED THOUGHTS) . .

rat miss you brother!


I love you so so much Rossie xx Had a bad day today.... so many memories and so many different emotions. Vally is not well and very frail xx Stay cool my darling and stay close. xxxxxxxxx


Sonshine, love you so much and missing you every moment. Thinking about you so much lately and just wanted you to know that I cant wait to see you....... the longing is sometimes unbearable. One has to try and not think about it even. All your mates came for a drink on my birthday and it was so good to see them. Amazing that after four years Stew and Michael still keep in touch. Ryan is doing so well in his new job and I hope that he goes from strength to strength. He misses you terribly as well. I have you in my heart and soul forever and ever......xxxxxxx my heart will always be shattered xxxxxx
Love you my beautiful son and miss you terribly xxxx Mom xxxxx


Hey my Rosscal :) Sorry havent been keeping in touch - but u know iv been thinking bout u lots this month. I hope u had a cracker 21st upstairs... Im very sure u had all the angels fist pumping;) Always think about our fun in the berg... and eating magnums by ur pool :) Miss u lots xxx
Hiya Ross.. miss you soooooo much!!!!
Hi Ross.. hope you are well ;-)
just went through all your messages bro. we all still miss you and when i think back to that day and seeing what i did, i can't help but cry. i know you there looking over everyone just the way you did when you were still here. love you bro. S.C


Rossie!! the past few days have been hectic thinkin what life would be like if you were rockin it with us cant even think of the storys we would have 2 tell.know you haveing just as much of a jol .thanks 4 being a friend and brother 2 me will chat soon my man one love stew!


Thinking of you today Rossie...and your dear Mom......dates so close together.....beautiful boy....xoxoxoxo
Thinking of you today Rossie...and your dear Mom......dates so close together.....beautiful boy....<3<3<3
Thinking of you today Des and Clyde and always. Stax of love a beautiful boy. XXXXXXXX Gillian McG
Thinking about you, clyde and your other beautiful son today. Missing rossie lots too!!! Lots of love. Xxx Melly
Ross von Dresselt 1990-2007 Hey Rossie, there is no mountain high enough or Sea deep enough to know the sorrow that lays in my heart! U were an old soul just doing ur job, but left in such a hurry we never had our goodbyes:( soar with the angels and keep sending ur msgs! Love and miss u forever butt never ever forgotten. Butterfly kisses to u my boy xxxx Tizi


Love you and miss you always. Another day for you to celebrate in heaven my darling xxxxx Had a long walk on the beach this morning and a wonderful swim in the shore break for you xxxxx (and you know I dont usually swim in the sea!) Thinking of you constantly. You are always with us I know. Dad and Ian are playing 9 holes this afternoon for you at Wembley Golf Club. xxx Keep close and please send me some news or signs beautiful boy xxxx Milishi xxxxx
To a special boy who left this earth in his prime...Ross Anthony von Dresselt...Happy 21st my angel! not a day passes without u being in our thoughts or on our lips. U are so sorely missed that no words can describe the pain and suffering u left behind, but we know that one thing is for day we will all be together in a place of eternal love and no suffering. Soar high my angel....with butterfly kisses xx Tizi
hey my boy! wish i could b doing this in person!!!but HAPPY 21st rossie! cant believe how long its been! i miss you every day boy! my big bro!!jus wish now more then eva i could c ur face! an giv u a hug hug!! i talk 2 u all the time, an i no u hear me!! cause i hear u in my head!!! i sound crazy< hahaha!

any way! i love you an miss ur smile! hope ur havin funn up there! u got all the good ppl 2 party with:) hehe! hav a good 1 rossie!!!!!
(thinking of u des, an the fam)
BIG LOVE!!! xo cindy (cubz)
Happy 21st Birthday Ross. Not a day goes by where I don't think of you. Hope you have a wonderful day. Fly High angel. Miss and love you lots. Yvonne
Happy 21st Birthday Rossie! Always in my thoughts. See you on the ethernet my Buddy, ;)
Happy Birthday Ross.

Thank you for the friendship and many happy memories.
Think about u all the time rossie and miss u everyday!!! Wish u could have been here in body, but know u here In spirit...Happy birthday... miss u lots. Xxxx
Hi Des. I'm thinking of you during this time of unimaginable sadness. I pray that you will find Peace and know that Ross is not forgotten. He knows how much you love and miss him.
Di Milligan

My precious child, happy happy 21st birthday. What a difficult thing this is without you. Dad and I went for a long walk on the beach early this morning and we are going to just spend a quiet day reminiscing about you and about what could have been, but what was obviously not meant to be. Love is eternal and you have all our love forever until we are eventually all together again.

I hope you have an amazing birthday gorgeous boy and celebrate with all the boys, Rory, Cammie, Jaryd, Markie, Mikey, Brad, Stef, Marcus, Chris, Jago, and so so many others.......

Love you so so so much and missing you terribly.

Mom and Dad xxxxxxxxxxx
Happy 21st to a very special Angel. May all the Angels in Heaven sing and celebrate your 21st with you Rossie.
All my love
Glynnis & family
Ross take care of your Angel Mom.... send her some signs.... Say Hi to Cammy for me.... Sharoni.
Sonshine, love you so so much. Visiting Dad for your 21st birthday. :(
:( Who would have imagined this but seeing him will bring us all close
again. The years are flying by and I miss you more than ever. One love !
Mom xxx
Rossie my boi !!!!!will always rember you what a member one love
Hi Angel, I love you, just wanted you to hear it again ..... xxxxxx
Ross we may not have know you as a young man in person, but we have
gotten to know you through your mom and her love for you. You are never
forgotten. You have brought tears to your families eyes, and yet smiles to
our hearts knowing how much job and love you shared with them. We hope you
are resting in peace and sending pennies from heaven often to those that
love and miss you. Look after them from above, and protect and love them and
give them the strength to carry on with your guidance from above. Amen.
I love and miss you xxx
My beautiful darling boy, time goes on and it will be four years in
March. Where has it gone and how did it pass so quickly, in a flash? It
will be your 21st birthday on 6 March. I try to picture what you would look
like but somehow I still see you as you were when you were here. I imagine
you would be a wonderful looking man. I find it hard still to live life
without you but I carry on and seem to get strength from a higher power. I
know that you help me to get through as well. I dreamed about you the other
night ... you were a very young Rossie. So many of your friends are having
their 21sts this year. Very difficult. Please continue to be there and
stay close to me. I feel disconnected sometimes but I know that it is just
temporary. I love you so very much and miss your presence every day. My
beautiful boy, Ross Anthony..... so near and yet so far ... xxxx
Beautiful boy I miss you so much xxx Mom xxx
My darling son, I miss you every hour of the day. Ryan is away now and
it is Christmas. I have your small Xmas tree with the lights on it looks so
pretty with the crystal angels. Life still very hard without you. Sending
you all my love and stay close ..xxxxxxxx Mom xxxx
rossie! u hav no idea how much i love you, an miss you! every second of
every day!! when eva i think of u i c ur smile! i miss it so much. xo cindz
missing u my boy! hope u watchin ova all of us still love u an miss u!! Cindz


I love you and miss you every single second. Hope you are doing okay.... would so love to chat to you. See you in my dreams.... <3
My sonshine I have not written for a long time. It is very very difficult to live this life without you in it. I am not sure anymore what is real and what is not real. The whole concept of life is totally different to me now. The worst time of the year is almost upon us now and that makes it somehow so much more unbearable. Ryanie is going to Australia on 10th December for four weeks. He needs the break but I will miss him. I love you very very much and yearn for you every second. So much so that I actually cannot even talk about it anymore. xxx Mom xxx
Rossie ,
Beloved Son, you are in my thoughts every hour of every day and miss your smile and you so much ..stay good my China !
Your ever loving Dad.
one love one blood i will always remember u my man ! peace and love stew!
Ross Anthony one love ! Stew
rossco one love my brother.... you are an eternal soldier . Beans
I miss you more every day still Rossie...I know you're with me where ever I go, I never miss a sign:) l0ve always x x x
Love you more than life itself my angel x x
Missing you and your tight hugs lots Rossie.... Mwah xxx
Missing you always my rossy xx loads of love xx
I am just popping in to say hello and I miss you so much. You are everywhere I go, every breath I take and in every song I hear. Till we meet again my beautiful Rossie xxxxx Mom xxxxx
Hi my darling its been a while but sometimes life is just like that. I have even been battling to visit your website. I think about you always and you are never far from my thoughts and of course right deep inside my heart.... I love you so very much and miss you more xxx Milishi xxx Life is honestly just not the same....
miss u ross... Gillian Erskine
Ross Antony Von dreselt we miss u one love one blood u will never be forgotten ! Stew
R.I.P rossco, been a long time but we still feel your loss, you are still in our hearts through thick and thin... we miss you our blood.... one love till we meet again my member... Beans
Rossie my rossie, I am really battling without you. Life is so so hard xxx
Hi Rossie. Just wanted to let you know how much we still love and miss you. Lots of love my boy. Yvonne


Love you so so so much and miss you xxxx
Morning sonshine, beautiful here in Cape Town. Wish u were with us physically, but know that u r in our hearts .... love you so so much xxx milishi xxxxx
miss you Rossie xxx
My sonshine I am missing you so much today.... love you so much. xx Milishi xx
Morning! Love you xxx
I love you my sonshine... this will be my fourth birthday without you... does not seem real that it can be so many... you last shared my 50th when you gave one of your usual amazing speeches. Stay close to me this day and remember you are so missed and adored xxxxxxx Milishi xxxxxxxx Look after Ryanie <3
I love and miss you terribly my sonshine... xx I always remember how you loved looking for easter eggs in the garden and all over !! Stay close and keep that light shining xxx Mom xxx
Hey sonshine, Ryanie's friend Dylan Harris went home to your side this evening he was also on his motorbike. Stay close to his family and also help him as much as you can. I love you my boy so very much and say hi to all over there. Give my Tiggy a big hug xx Milishi xx
Hi my darling hope all is good with you. Take care of Dad in Aus he is struggling a bit. I am missing you terribly but am loving all my signs nearly every day.... :) You are so wonderful. I wish I knew what you were doing and where you are in your spiritual growth and learning. Please keep teaching me down here.... so eager to learn everything I can. I love love love you so much Biggs, forever and ever your heartbroken Milishi xxxxxx Please take good care of my Tiggies darling... I am missing him terribly too ....
love you rossie!! foreva an eva! thinkin bout you on this sad day! and always! x cubz x
Hey Ross - thought of you yesterday especially - give your mom and dad a sign sometime soon that you are ok! They need it my boy. keep an eye out on Shane and Nicole for me.xxxjillxxx
misss you much!! Very much! love cubz xo
love you rossie!! been talking 2 you an thinking about you loads lately!! cant believe its been 3 years since i'v seen your face!! an heard your voice! doesnt get easier!just gets longer!! love you foreva big brother!!!we all do! everyones hurting on this sad day!!pls surround us with your love. we need you today! your in my heart and thoughts foreva! love cindz (cubz)xoxo
I love you so much, what a hard day without you being with us. Still unbelievable xxx Mom xxxx
Happy Birthday Rossie. I am sure you are still soaring! Don;t get impatient waiting for us! Always in my thoughts.
Happy Birthday Rossi..have thought of you all week and we will hold each other up next week sweet bones!! Lee Upman
Hey Desiree...another milestone...another year closer to being with your boy...may your days be filled with joy and meaning so that time passes without dragging...wishing you lots of busy-ness so that you will have lots to discuss with him one day! Love deborah


hey Des thinking of u and Rossie today. Wishing u lots of beautiful memories and loads of love my friend xxx
My thoughts are with you today Desi and your beautiful son Rossi on his special birthday date......i hope you feel some peace today surrounded by alll his wonderful memories , that will always be with you .......Love to you and your son dar
A very happy birthday to Rossi, I am so sure he surrounds you.

love Chris


happy birthday to rossi....he is looking down upon you des... and none of us have forgotten him and we never will....lotsa love to you and rossi.... xxx Tink
Happy Birthday dear Ross, hope your birthday in heaven is magical , i know all our angels are helping you celebrate , my thoughts and love are with you and your dear Mom......xxxooolove Dorisanne and Markie and Mikey . .
Happy Birthday Rossi......somewhere out there.
(Aaron's mom)
rossi my boy...happy birthday brother..miss u man... love you lots bro..take care of your mom!!!!
thinking of u always
AwE HappY bdai 2 my Boi 4 2morr R.I.P ROSS..... Oros


hey Rossie Happy Birthday special boy! Stay close to your mom, she needs to know u r there x
Brave Mom Des - Beautiful Boy/man Ross - love is eternal, beyond time and space. Des you and Clyde and Ryan are all very much in our thoughts here in Cape Town.


Hi my Duchess - hugging you closely in my heart today. I'm still smiling about our no 8 table. So have a beautiful day for Rossie brave and lovely friend.

Love Lesley

Been thinking of you today Des and wishing I was there to spend some time with you. Miss Ross so much. think of him always. love you. Calem
watsup .happy birthday bro.miss you so much and think about you often.wish i was able 2 celebrate your bday with and miss u lots...chubby
As I clicked on to the website the counter reads 8183 ~~: My darling child, your 20th birthday.... who would have imagined.... I am longing for your presence and just a hug from you. I love you so so much Mom xxxx
Going to see your Mom Thursday Ross. We're busy down here too! Love Lesley
Morning my angel boy, hope all is well with you and Tiggies xx It was 35 months yesterday since I saw you... not too sure where the time has gone but next month the three year mark. You will be 20 earth years too! I miss you every second of my life and it is pretty awful without my cat now too. xxx Love you so so so much darling, miss your hugs and banter xxx Mom xxx
love you rossco!:) i hav been thinking ov you so much lately! can feel u with me always!
miss you 4eva boy! love cindz! zozoz

Hello my angel, I hope that you were there to fetch our Tiggies..... xxx my only consolation is that he is with you now, yet another angel..... goodness me, what next !!! Please stay close and keep him with you all the time..... I love and miss you both my darling.... Ryanie sends so much love to you and Melissa x
Hello my beautiful son, I am missing you very much and sometimes the pain in unbearable. Hard to cope with.xxxxxx Mom xxxxxxx
Merry merry Christmas my darling angel... i love and miss your presence so so much today. Ryanie put some beautiful flowers for you at the tree, they are so gorgeous.

We are in the Berg until Sunday. Hope you guys are all having a blast back home. Love you xxxxxx


I love you so so so much my boy xxxxxxxx
Hello my darling, wow been quite difficult these days. Just want you to know how much i am missing you and love you with my whole being. xxxMomxxxx love you so so much
Angel Child

Spread your wings my Angel child,
Don't look down to see me cry,
I'll be OK, someday I'll smile,
I'll never know the reason why..

Spread you wings my Angel child,
Always soar towards the light,
Don't worry about me, your mom,
I'm sure someday I'll be alright.

Spread your wings my Angel child...
Enjoy Heaven, I'm sure its quite a sight.
Someday I'll be beside you...
Until then enjoy your flight...

hey missing you lots. time has gone so fast. so much has happened in the last few years. im living in austrailia now. been keeping in contact with your mom and will be seeing her in december. miss the good times we used to have. u always put a smile on my face. think of you often. love calem
It has been so long that I haven't seen your face. I am trying to be strong xxx Mom xxx
So many things reminding me and keeping me in touch with you.... is this really reality? Are you gone? it does not feel like it.... you are here..... surely, cos I feel you close so often. I love you so very much my darling child xxxx Mom xxxxx
I love you so so much xxx
misssss you rosssie:)
i really do, lately u've been in my mind soO much. i feel u around us!
time really does fly! cant believe its been this long already.. feels like just yesterday..
theres so much i wish i could tell you, and talk to you about:( i misss and love you always rossco!!stay close k* xo cubz*
Love you my sonshine xxx Mom xxx
Hey Rossie
Just to let you know we really miss and love you lots. Yvonne
Hi my darling, Dad and I had dinner last night with Stew and Dean and although it was great to be with them and catch up, it always brings me back to reality and the fact that there is this extremely huge void that exists every second that you are not here. It is more so when we are with your mates. Phew, one has to be really tough to endure this I have to tell you. I only get my strength from you and Ryan to carry on but anyway I understand that there is a higher purpose and we have to just do this thing. I love you so very very much and miss you every second xxxxxxxxxxxx My love forever and always to my angel xxxxxxxxxx
Love you my darling xxx Mom xxx
Hi big man, wow things have been busy all around..... as you know Ouma is with you guys now and so is Penny Pitt who passed last evening after being so so sick with cancer. Give her a hug for me. Life is still terribly hard and now and again the realisation of your not being here with me hits me like a ton of bricks..... it is surreal. I miss you every second of my life my darling. Keep on smiling and doing your amazing work. Love you love you love you, Mom xxxx
Missing you and loving you so much xxx Mom xxx
In times of sorrow and heartbreaking grief, it's hard to remember to keep your belief.
Behind the scenes there is a greater force, guiding the events of one's chosen course.

There is no perfect date or perfect time, for loved ones who are left far behind.
Emotions and words cannot describe,
bewilderment or questions of, "Why?"

In times of sorrow you may not believe,
that over time your heartache will cease.
Through love and care of family and friends, your strength will increase; your tears will soon end.
This is a time to remember the past,
your life together that flew by so fast!
Happy moments of laughter and fun,
not marred by anger or ever outdone.

Two souls experiencing lessons to share, with purpose and focus, not to compare.
Beyond comprehending the ebb and the flow, life proves delightful and easily shows.

In times of sorrow it is hard to perceive, why certain loved ones are destined to leave.
The wheel of life is a game we all play, it will call you by name on your chosen day.
But this is a day that the soul re-unites, to a higher power as brilliant as light.
It's a time to rejoice to the peace that this gives, a joy that is shared for a soul that once lived.

In times of sorrow you'll feel daunting fear, but don't let this block you, let others stay near.
Stay true to yourself and trust in your heart, you are never alone and are never apart.

When you're feeling lost things aren't what they seem, so pay close attention to all of your dreams.
During this state your energy blends,
with loved ones in spirit, for there is no end.

..... Margaret Jang


You are missed and loved more every day my beautiful boy xxx Mom xxx

I still miss that smile and pluck so much and every day
I don’t know if it will ever get better
I know that the wind is blowing your hair back – that smile – and you are safe always
I love you, your Dad xx

I love you so much my gorgeous xxx Mom xxx Wish you were here with us xxx
ahhhh rossie im suffering with this stupid freakn cold! its the worst!
i misss u boy. wish u were here with us.
love you always always always.
cubz xox
lOve u rossco! 4eva!! cubz xo
Hi Ross, just to let you know that we think of u every day & although u weren't in our lives for very long, that u impacted each & every one of us! We all have very special, wonderful, happy memories of your brief time in our lives - u were an angel sent from above to change the world around you! Love & Miss u - The Ferguson's (Kim, Rob, Maxine & Mike)
Hi Des, Hope you are well .... you have been so much in my thoughts lately. Big hug to you and know that you are always in my thoughts. Love & light always. Sonja Loeve ( New Zealand). Ps , Wes sends his love xxx
love you rossco!!!
miss you boy, been thinking bout u lately:) missss your smile!
cubz xo

i know its been a long time but i want you to know that youy and rossi are always in my thoughts and my heart... i hope you are doind well des and staying strong like you have this whole time..... beans
Hello Rossie, it seems like yesterday that i chatted to you in Deirdre's garden. You were so charismatic and full of life and fun - it's hard to believe you have gone off on your afterlife adventure. You are no doubt doing inline skating in the clouds :-) As you can see, you have not - and never will be forgotten. Love always Gilly XXXX
rossi my brother i just want you to know we have not forgotten about you and never ever will, we always talking about you and although we not on the website often you are always in our hearts and in our minds, we know you watching over us and looking after us as we need it im sure hahaha brother keep your mom strong...

one blood

I love you my gorgeous xxxx Mom xxxxx
  14:53 PM
Hi Rossie , just stopping by to say hi . Your beautiful smile just lightened up my day, know how much you r loved and missed by so many....Stay close to ur family let them feel you....Have a wonderful day in Heaven , my sweeet boy, Markie and Michaels Mom, Dorisanne
  13:38 PM
what up rossie miss u my man was just thinking about you yesterday was listening to the song you know the one we played over and over when I first got my cabbie. I have so many awsome memories with you and my bro cruzzing around getting up to all sorts of shit. I love you my man RVD forever your big bro Shaun
  12:52 PM
Hi Ross I have met your lovely mom online and she shares so many beautiful stories and quotes with us and of course the gift of your sweet soul. You remind me so much of my own sweet angel Aaron. You have left a great legacy and I'm sure you are very proud of your mom.
Chris Melko
Aaron's mom
  12:20 PM
Hello Rossie... I know Angels exist. One is you, in Heaven shining down with your smiling face and the other is your mom, here on earth with us, your representative - giving us all hope to live each day. I love you and her and miss you lots. Tell my Min I love her too.
xxx Kik xxx
  12:20 PM
Don't Tell Me

Please don't tell me you know how I feel, Unless you have lost your child too, Please don't tell me my broken heart will heal, Because that is just not true, Please don't tell me my son is in a better place, Though it is true, I want him here with me, Don't tell me someday I'll hear his voice, see his face, Beyond today I cannot see, Don't tell me it is time to move on, Because I cannot, Don't tell me to face the fact he is gone, Because denial is something I can't stop, Don't tell me to be thankful for the time I had, Because I wanted more, Don't tell me when I am my old self you will be glad, I'll never be as I was before, What you can tell me is you will be here for me, That you will listen when I talk of my child, You can share with me my precious memories, You can even cry with me for a while, And please don't hesitate to say his name, Because it is something I long to hear everyday, Friend please realize that I can never be the same, But if you stand by me, you may like the new person I become someday.

Judi Walker
(In Memory of Shane)
Copyright 1998

  06:09 PM
Hello my gorgeous, well it is now 11 June in the year 2009 and I am still here...... I am really trying but need you to know how I am so so grateful to have had you as my son and I love and adore you so very much and long for your presence...... xxxx Mom xxxxx
  15:08 PM
Hey Dez sorry its been so long was thinking about rossie on monday and miss him so much but i know he"s watching over you and all the people he loves, stay strong...will see you soon. lots of love..mike


  15:08 PM
If I had one more day with you
We'd dance barefoot on the beach
Where the sun dips in the water
And the stars were within reach

If I had one more day with you
We'd joke and laugh and play
A day kissed with kindness
I'd find peace in what you'd say

If I had one more day with you
My heart it just might open
We'd chill around a burning fire
With no words left unspoken

If I had one more day with you
There is nothing I wouldn't give
To have a one on one with God
And convince him to let you live

If I had one more day with you
You'd wrap me In your wings
I'd find a peace inside myself
That only an angel brings.

I love and miss you every moment of my life xxx Mom xxx

  10:53 PM
My eyes fill with tears.
What shall I do?
Where shall I go?
Who can quench my pain?
My body has been bitten
By the snake of "absence",
And my life is ebbing away
With every beat of my Heart

I love and miss you with every beat of my heart my darling Ross xxx Mom xxx
  8:45 PM
hey des:)
jus wanted to send a lil helllooo:)
love you lots, and thinking about you, and your gorgeous boy! always!
miss you! cubz xox

  4:31 PM
Hi gorgeous boy, had lunch with Shane McCarroll's mom, Jacqui, Brad Redman's mom, Mandy and Amanda's mom, Deirdre today. Well I guess we are certainly one big family now and we know at least the heartache and pain each one goes through without you precious children. I know, I know, there are reasons and it was planned, but phew!! would give anything for a hug and to see your smile. Love you my precious boy xxx Mom xxx
  7:52 PM
I love you so much Rossie xxxx Mom xxxx
  10:20 PM
"The heart stops briefly
when a child dies
A breathless pain
as you acknowledge the news;
And that one
who held your hand
moves from your outside
to your inside.
Your heart adjusts
to its new weight."

--Author unknown

  6:04 PM
Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s day and what would I say I would give you a hug and say I am ok I have watched over you since I have gone To give you strength and make you strong You did not know nor could you see The terrible tragedy that would happen to me The many days and night that you cried You could not see me but I was at your side Your grief so raw you could not see You blamed yourself for my destiny Nothing could be done that could change my fate For God above was the one that chose my date He knew the love that you gave me So he sent his Angels to set me free I may be gone this you know You just can’t seem to let me go I only wish that you could see Mom my love for you is for eternity.

Author: Robert Walters Sr.

  10:14 PM
My angel child, just want you to know how much we miss and love you xxx it is too too hard without your presence....
  9:45:36 PM
We saw Colin Fry on Saturday and I so hoped you could have been there too Rossie! Perhaps you were! :) Please keep a guiding eye on Mom, she needs so badly to be close to you and feel your strength. 
  9:40:05 PM
This is truly truly terrible living this life without you..... i find it absolutely impossible at times... I love you and cant even begin to tell you how I long for life to go back to normal.. I am a bit desperate xxx I pray for the strength, confidence and courage to persevere, to face each day and to do what I must do.

My beautiful boy xxx Mom xxx

  6:41:34 PM
What a beautiful boy you were! Much love and comfort to your family. Love
from Chiquita - Byron's Mom
  7:11:10 PM
Hey, Rossi, it's been a while hey!! But you know I find it very very hard to go into your site and explore. I feel such pain and leave the computer guttered. I can't imagine how mom, dad, and Ryan feel!!! Hey I read this passage from the Bhagavad-gita, which i felt was quite interesting for all us mortals to know, especially those who have lost loved ones:- For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being.

He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.

Qualitatively, the small atomic fragmental part of the Supreme Spirit is one with the Supreme. He undergoes no changes like the body. Sometimes the soul is called the steady, or kuta-stha. The body is subject to six kinds of transformations. It takes its birth from the womb of the mother's body, remains for some time, grows, produces some effects, gradually dwindles, and at last vanishes into oblivion. The soul, however, does not go through changes. The soul is not born, but, because he takes on a material body, the body takes its birth. The soul does not take birth there, and the soul does not die. Anything which has birth also has death. And because the soul has no birth, he therefore has no past, present or future. He is eternal, ever-existing, and primeval-that is, there is no trace in history of his coming into being. Under the impression of the body, we seek the history of birth, etc., of the soul.

The soul does not at any time become old, as the body does. The so-called old man. therefore, feels himself to be in the same spirit as in his childhood or youth. The changes of the body do not affect the soul. The soul does not deteriorate like a tree, nor anything material. The soul has no by-product either. The by-products of the body, namely children, are also different individual souls, and, owing to the body, they appear as children of the particular man. The body develops because of the soul's presence, but the soul has neither offshoots nor change.

Therefore, the soul is free from the six changes of the body......

It kind of puts life in perspective doesnt it!

Keep sending those signs back home, as this planet is suffering and especially without beautiful souls like yourself! It's tough down here boy.

Lots of love always-Angel Boy XXXXXXXXXTIZI

  10:38:42 PM
Thank you for the wonderful dream, and all the other affirmations this week Rossie xxxx You have no idea how I needed them.......

I love you so much my precious child xxx Mom xxx
  10:06:47 PM
Love you Rossie my Boy xxx Kik
  11:27:49 PM
Sonshine, so many of you guys are meeting up where you are.... there must be something big going on .... wish we knew what it was. Two of them from Kearsney, Stephan and now PeeWee ... Rory Bosch is from Toti. I have been very weepy lately and there is no need to tell you how much you are missed, longed for and loved. xx Milishi xx I love, love, love you forever and ever and ever .....
  8:41:54 PM
You're still a part of everything I do
You're on my heart just like a tattoo
Just like a tattoo, I'll always have you

  10:30:15 PM
My precious boy, I have had some roughies lately.... I miss you so much and feel terribly frustrated that I cannot have you here in the physical. Yes, yes, I know..... anyway, you are one amazing son that I had the honour of being a mother to. Thank you for choosing me my sonshine. As I type this I cry for you.... <3 Love love love you so so much... xxx Milishi xxx
  05:39:19 PM
Hi Ross, just dropping by to see the amazing website ur Mom has made for you. She is a amazing woman and glad to say were friends, ur smile is contagious and you are a handsome young man . Have a amazing day in Heaven today Dorisanne, Markie and Michaels Mom
  09:18:27 PM
Your mom is so awesome Rossie and I love her! Lesley
  10:08:15 PM
hey boy.. love you:)


  1:38:15 PM
The time came on this beautiful day that all the angels in heaven rejoiced. A soul that was sent on loan to a beautiful woman had to return to where he belonged. His time here was complete. His earth mission accomplished, but not without pain to those he touched and left behind. We ask – How can God be so cruel ? But God knows no pain, only love – we are here to feel pain and if we have deep faith in Him, we know that this is just a part of our journey, because where Ross is now is pure and sanctified. Without pain, just love and joy !

How my heart bleeds for you Amica, but you and I know that this is not the end, only part of a journey. Celebrate 19.2 years of your beautiful boys life and not only today, the 8th when he left you. That is what he would want you to do – celebrate ! Tanti Bacioni cara mia xxx Tiziana xxxx
 10:06:03 PM
Hi Ross, Wes was thinking of you today and he said that he wanted to send your mom a text, as it was your Birthday the other day. He never forgets. You are all in our thoughts, Sonja, Wes and Craig (New Zealand) . . . .
 8:12:13 AM
2 years now, and it feels like it happened 2 days ago! RIP rossco! loving you always. Cubz xx
 5:00:28 PM
You can shed tears that he’s gone.
Or smile because he lived.
You can close your eyes and pray he’ll come back.
Or open your eyes and see all he’s left.
Your heart can be empty because you can’t see him.
Or be full of the love you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow and live in the yesterday.
Or be happy for tomorrow because of the yesterdays.
You can remember him and only that he’s gone.
Or cherish his memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back.
Or you can do what he would want;
Open your eyes…
And go on.
 3:46:36 PM
Hope my beautiful butterfly is soaring xx Mom xx I love you my darling child
 3:35:21 PM
Thinking of you all in these times. Much love always to our brother, son, friend to many. May your spirit shine young Ross. Love ryan von dresselt x
 2:25:34 PM
Rest in peace Ross, God take only the best for His garden,
My prayers are with the Von Dresselt family
11:49:13 AM
You're in our thoughts and prayers today Des. Much Love, Cap.
9:10:18 AM
rossie my beautiful boy.. i dont even really know what to say. but one thing is for sure and that is that even tho time is passing our love still grows deeper!! we miss you so much, and you will never be forgotten. love you <3
8:07:02 AM
Hey my friend
You are in my thoughts today more than ever. Keep your chin up and keep strong my friend.
Lots of love
Gail Sander (Australia)
7:44:56 AM
Thinking about u on this weekend of Rossie's birthday. Take care. Rita Suliman
7:43:06 AM
Friends may think we have forgotten when at times they see us smile. Little do they know the heartache that our smiles hide all the while. Beautiful memories r wonderful things that last till the longest day. They never wear out, they never get lost & can never be given away. To some u may be 4gotten, to others a part of the past, but to those who loved and lost u, your memory will always last.

Thinking of u today on your precious boy's birthday.
Love Kathy Singery xx
7:40:32 AM
Hi Des want you to know it is an awfully tough weekend for u. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Just want u to kno u r in my thoughts. Stay strong for that handsome boy of yours. Much Love Camilla xxxx
7:26:17 AM
Cindy is thinking bout her blue eyed angel! always xo.
7:23:41 AM
Cindy loves ross!!always.
7:20:59 AM
happy happy 19th birthday big bro! scary to think u would b 19!:) all grown up! love you always ross!! Cubz
12:02:11 AM
Rossie. My love. Your 19th birthday has come and past. And i miss u more then eva.HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know u had a jol up there! I wish i could ov spent your birthday with u. I cant belive its been two years. I cant belive i haven't hug'd u in 2years. I love you brother. Always! Xo. Cubz
08:31:18 PM
Happy Birthday Ross. You are loved and missed forever. All my love always Agnes O'Hara
04:43:32 PM
"Happy Happy Birthday to Rossi :):):)
could never ever forget him!! hope his day is filled with happiness!!!
kirst Goodsen xxx"
01:51:43 PM
Happy 19th birthday Rossie. Keep shining our superangle. Miss and love you always. Yvonne
11:34:37 AM
On this day 19 years ago, a beautiful soul was given to you on loan. He came into your lives to teach you about life. To love life, to embrace life and to live life - to the fullest. Remember all those wonderful years you celebrated together, cos that is what he was all about. Celebrating life. The past is the past, the future holds mystery but the present is exactly what it says, every day is a present, so celebrate each day like there is no tomorrow. You are in my thoughts my Bella Amica - every day, but especially today. You are an inspiration to all those who have the privilege to know you - a tower of strength and hope. Tanti tanti Bacioni Bella xxx Tiziana xxxx
11:13:45 AM
Sweet soul of Rossie around you, still presses nearer to your side into your thoughts into your prayers, with gentle helpings guiding. Desray Coetzer xxx
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