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Forty Six

11:49:13 AM
You're in our thoughts and prayers today Des. Much Love, Cap.
9:10:18 AM
rossie my beautiful boy.. i dont even really know what to say. but one thing is for sure and that is that even tho time is passing our love still grows deeper!! we miss you so much, and you will never be forgotten. love you <3
8:07:02 AM
Hey my friend
You are in my thoughts today more than ever. Keep your chin up and keep strong my friend.
Lots of love
Gail Sander (Australia)
7:44:56 AM
Thinking about u on this weekend of Rossie's birthday. Take care. Rita Suliman
7:43:06 AM
Friends may think we have forgotten when at times they see us smile. Little do they know the heartache that our smiles hide all the while. Beautiful memories r wonderful things that last till the longest day. They never wear out, they never get lost & can never be given away. To some u may be 4gotten, to others a part of the past, but to those who loved and lost u, your memory will always last.

Thinking of u today on your precious boy's birthday.
Love Kathy Singery xx
7:40:32 AM
Hi Des want you to know it is an awfully tough weekend for u. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Just want u to kno u r in my thoughts. Stay strong for that handsome boy of yours. Much Love Camilla xxxx
7:26:17 AM
Cindy is thinking bout her blue eyed angel! always xo.
7:23:41 AM
Cindy loves ross!!always.
7:20:59 AM
happy happy 19th birthday big bro! scary to think u would b 19!:) all grown up! love you always ross!! Cubz
12:02:11 AM
Rossie. My love. Your 19th birthday has come and past. And i miss u more then eva.HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know u had a jol up there! I wish i could ov spent your birthday with u. I cant belive its been two years. I cant belive i haven't hug'd u in 2years. I love you brother. Always! Xo. Cubz
08:31:18 PM
Happy Birthday Ross. You are loved and missed forever. All my love always Agnes O'Hara
04:43:32 PM
"Happy Happy Birthday to Rossi :):):)
could never ever forget him!! hope his day is filled with happiness!!!
kirst Goodsen xxx"
01:51:43 PM
Happy 19th birthday Rossie. Keep shining our superangle. Miss and love you always. Yvonne
11:34:37 AM
On this day 19 years ago, a beautiful soul was given to you on loan. He came into your lives to teach you about life. To love life, to embrace life and to live life - to the fullest. Remember all those wonderful years you celebrated together, cos that is what he was all about. Celebrating life. The past is the past, the future holds mystery but the present is exactly what it says, every day is a present, so celebrate each day like there is no tomorrow. You are in my thoughts my Bella Amica - every day, but especially today. You are an inspiration to all those who have the privilege to know you - a tower of strength and hope. Tanti tanti Bacioni Bella xxx Tiziana xxxx
11:13:45 AM
Sweet soul of Rossie around you, still presses nearer to your side into your thoughts into your prayers, with gentle helpings guiding. Desray Coetzer xxx
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