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Forty Five

11:12:12 AM
Had rossi in my thoughts the whole week. . Happy birthday to him. . We miss him too much. . Keep well des. . See you soon. . Lotsa love tink xx (Kalvyn MacMillan)
11:11:18 AM
Happy birthday Rossie, he is with you today more than ever I think, with the person who brought him life. How lucky he was to have had you as his mom xxx Carla Jowett
11:06:00 AM
Happy birthday Rossie. My friend my thoughts are with you. There are no words to make the sadness go away, but always have faith that comfort will surely come. No words can adequately celebrate Rossie life that was so richly lived and that touched so many other lives. Hugs to you my friend xxxxxxxxxxx Love Glynnis
10:58:36 AM
Happy Birthday Rossie. I know you are working hard on your side, so keep up the good work and stay close to all your family and buds today - specially Mom - you know why. We all miss you so! Webbie.
10:09:39 AM
Happy 19th Birthday Rossie. Shine down on mom today. She really needs you. Miss and love you always. Yvonne.
8:55:24 AM
My darling Rossie, on your birthday I can only wish the happiness for the people here on earth who love you so much, because where you are - happiness is eternal. I love you.... Kik xxxx
8:39:47 AM
Today is your birthday but every day is so special for you my boy, I pray you are with the ones you love today, warming them with your beautiful spirit. Love you lots Angel... Kik xxxxx
8:09:11 AM
Happy 19th Birthday Rossie. Shine down on mom today. She really needs you. Miss and love you always. Yvonne
8:07:10 AM
Happy Birthday our precious angel. May your 19th be really special. Love you always. Yvonne
8:03:57 AM
Happy birthday my favourite friend :) hope the angels r looking after you...:) i miss you, wish you could be here so we could all celebrate your birthday ... Tarryn Hunkin xxx
7:57:56 AM
Hello Rossie I am so sorry I have not written to you in so long but on this very special day I want to wish you a very happy happy birthday I am sure you will have a very special one... I am missing you and your tight hugs very much. You are always in my mind and heart. love you lots rossiexxxxx All my love Schmelly xxxx
7:43:37 AM
To you sonshine on this your 19th earth birthday .... you just know how much I love you and miss you.... xxx Milishi xxxx


5:54:35 PM
So many miles away  this year, but with you in thought and spirit tomorrow and Sunday my Friend. Love and light.


5:52:06 PM
My friend hold fast to your memories, all the cherished moments of the past, the blessings and laughter, the joys and celebrations the sorrow and tears. They all add up a treasure of fond yesterdays you shared and spent together, they keep the one you loved close to you in spirit & thought. The special moments & memories in your life will never change. They will always be in your heart, today & forevermore. You are in my prayers and thoughts, Lots of luv xxxxxxxxxxx Glynnis
5:50:01 PM
Sending u a big bubble of love, we think of u every day and miss Ross so much! U in our hearts and prayers! The Ferguson clan xxx


5:49:27 PM
Hiya Desi - on 26 February Stevie would have been 21! I'm thinking of you big time and wishing you loads and loads of smiles through your tears! Keep strong, my friend, and remember we're all with you. Lots of love, Janie xxx


5:47:33 PM
Chiquita Barry-Gardner wrote at 11:13pm
Dearest Desiree, I am thinking of you this week and will be with you especially on Friday and Sunday. Much love to you and your family. xxx


5:44:37 PM
Sending love from my heart to yours. Beautiful boy Love Les xxx
5:42:25 PM
What a beautiful picture of a lovely boy. My boy was a blondie with blue eyes also. God bless you tomorrow Desiree and Sunday. Even though for us it's been seven years, I still miss my Aaron, but I can look at all his things again and feel his sweet presence. Our children are fulfilling their destiny, whether we like it or not.
take care Desiree

Chris Melko

5:19:37 PM
Thinking of you and all you were and still are on your birthday today Ross


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